Welcome to the home of Vibrosphere® in the United States.

Vibrosphere® is an innovative device that combines balance-training with vibration.

Vibrosphere® was invented by a Swedish OMT physiotherapist. After more than 25 years of training and rehabilitating patients, he wanted to combine the advantageous effects of balance training with the strengthening effects of high-speed vibration. What he found was that the combination of balance and vibration stimulated sensory motor skills, enhanced proprioception and significantly increased activation of the joint stabilizing muscles, i.e., better and faster results.

In Europe, Vibrosphere® is used with great results for athletic training and fitness, and for medical rehabilitation.

Vibrosphere® is now available in the US and is imported by Accent Ventures, LLC.

N.B. Vibrosphere® is not approved for medical rehabilitation in the United States.