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Great benefits to combine balance and vibration training.

Preventive Training
The training on the Vibrosphere® enhances the proprioception and sensor motory skills. The muscles surrounding the joints are activated and is therefore effective in preventing distortions in ankles and knees. By adding one more dimension to the eccentric load at the end of the range of motion when performing strength training, the risk for muscle injuries later are minimized. By using the Vibrosphere® for warm-ups before physical activity, muscles and joints are activated, and the body becomes more alert and ready for training.

Strength Training
The Vibrosphere® adds new dimensions to conservative strength training: Vibration AND Balance.
The same exercises can be carried out, but are accentuated and the effect of the strength training is increased.

Balance Training
The Vibrosphere® provides a unique possibility to combine strength and balance training effectively and functionally. In most of the exercises on the Vibrosphere® the important trunk stabilizing muscles are engaged in a tangible manner, contributing to increased postural control.

Core Stability Training
Almost all movements that are carried out with arms and legs start with activating the trunk muscles. Groin injuries of soccer players are an ever-increasing problem that is largely believed to be caused by weakness and reduced function of the muscles surrounding the trunk and the pelvis. Vibrosphere® offers excellent training to support trunk stability.

Mobility Training
Training on Vibrosphere® is advantageous in the contraction phase of a stretch exercise in order to acquire the maximal relaxation directly after, and thereby reach the maximal effect during the following stretch phase.

Circulatory Training
Training on the Vibrosphere® increases blood circulation in the activated muscles and is therefore beneficial in facilitating recovery after, for example, a minor haematoma or the case of stiff or sore muscles.